Staň se fanouškem!

1. června 2011 v 20:14 | Posted by Nora

Chceš se stát fanouškem Belly Thorne? Tak se zapiš a přidej se do Fanclubu!

• Přezdívka
• Blog/web
• Co se ti na Belle líbí?
• Dáš si na blog ikonku?

Tuto ikonku si dejte na blog, pokud si jí tam nedáte, nezapočítám vás jako fanouška!

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?How to write down a nice Ucas personal statement for university
19 September 2016 • 7:00am
'The secret to obtaining ahead is gaining started'. Whether, the American writer Mark Twain explained this or not is up for discussion. What is just not up for discussion, however, is the truth behind the expression, certainly when it comes to personal statement producing.
F or sixth-formers returning to school after the very long summer break, university can feel a lengthy way off. Twelve months of lessons, revision, exams and end results stand concerning you and departure, so you could be forgiven for thinking that you simply have all the time during the world to finish your software.
As the Ucas university software deadline i s nonetheless a handful of months absent, January 15 will arrive before you know it and becoming started now will mean you won’t be scrambling all over within the weeks after Christmas.
To begin with, it is a solid idea to get your head near the varied aspects belonging to the software you will will want to comprehensive before you are able to click send.
F irst, you will really have to register with Ucas and enter your personal details. You will then be able to apply for up to 5 courses. Make sure you cross reference the course conditions with your predicted grades and A-level choices so you won’t get rejected before you have even taken your exams.
You will then be asked to detail your education and qualifications to date and to give details of any jobs you have had. It is also a awesome idea to nail down who will be providing your academic reference as soon as practical - make sure you give your teacher enough time to ensure it is a outstanding 1.
Finally, before you post your software, you will be asked to include your personal statement. This is your chance to convince your university or college which you are the right person to study their course.
For some people, creating a personal statement will come easily. But for those who are feeling daunted about the prospect of putting four,000 characters together, you could be not alone. As Stuart Balnaves, head of learner go through at Ucas, puts it: “Those three words - Ucas personal statement - can stike fear into students’ hearts", but there are ways to make the operation easier.
T o get started with with, jot down reasons why you intend to study your chosen course. Is it a new passion or an old interest? Were being you inspired by something you browse or does it lead towards the career you would ultimately like to pursue - in which case, what is it that appeals to you about that career?
Secondly, think about what you could say you have done to demonstrate why you happen to be passionate about this particular subject. Have you taken part in the society or club exterior of school? Do you enjoy reading about your subject, if yes, what books particularly interest you and why?
Have you worked in any roles that help with skills that universities would probably realize appealing? Have you helped fellow students at school, have you volunteered or undertaken operate working experience in your own industry?
“The most advantageous statements will present that a student is interested with the subject; that they've studied it, that they've developed an interest it in outdoors school, which they're developing their skills and abilities outside the house academia,” says Liz Hunt, undergraduate admissions supervisor within the University of Sheffield.
H owever, she advises students to avoid rambling: “Some try to tell you their life story,” she continues, “sometimes this may be extremely useful, nonetheless it needs to be relevant rambling, it needs to tell admissions tutors why you have decided over a particular subject.”
James Williams, lecturer in education on the University of Sussex, agrees: “Admissions tutors are on the lookout to see which you have an understanding about the course you will be applying for,” he says. “Content of courses will be different at different universities, so we never look and feel for applicants to be too exact, but candidates should look and feel for familiar topics and address these.”
The key is balance. Contrary to what Oxbridge demand, most universities will search for candidates to split their statements concerning their academic achievements and their extra-curricular pursuits - if these are relevant to your chosen degree, all the greater.
H owever, as Williams says, do not go overboard. “The mistake people make is to mention too a wide selection of clubs,” he says, “it makes us question how dedicated you’ll be to your study or deliver the results. Pick some key extra-curricular activities and think about the skills they give you and feed that into what you may be doing.
“Avoid the vacuous statement,” he adds, “the statement that would seem to say a lot, but actually says nothing in the slightest degree, for example ‘I am a people person; committed to doing my leading at every opportunity’.”
Inventory phrases should be avoided in the least costs, and applicants should also be careful not to exaggerate their achievements. Be warned; in the event you are invited to interview, you should expect to be quizzed on what you have explained on your statement. White lies won’t impress anyone and can become pretty obvious pretty without delay beneath pressure.
Applicants should also avoid copying anyone else’s statement or taking inspiration from the internet, says Balnaves. Ucas makes use of a program called Copycatch to identify similarities in statements and notifies the universities if it picks up anything suspicious.
Balnaves also urges students to analyze their statements for spelling and grammar and to apply in quality time. “We probably get about ten for every cent of our purposes within the last week,” he says, “but it is most advantageous to give yourself some breathing area. The most advantageous advice you'll be able to get is from the family member or a teacher, read through it aloud to them so you haven't missed any crucial bits.
“Write about what makes you unique," he continues, "only you know your unique selling points. Ask yourself ‘what makes me different, what will I bring to the university and what will I get out of it?’”
It is important to remember that not only will your personal statement be employed around the initial course of action of making an offer, it could also be second hand in the conclude from the software cycle if you decide to miss the grade specifications.
As Hunt says: “The personal statement is something tutors will use to remind themselves why they made you the offer from the earliest position if things really don't go to plan - they would probably give you the benefit belonging to the doubt.”
With this in mind, it is worth putting inside the extra effort now, to give yourself every chance of success.
Dos and Don’ts of personal statement composing
DO check for spelling and grammar - get your parents to double check and then check again
DO link your extra-curricular pursuits with your course choice
DO present your teachers a draft first of all - so you will know what to change in plenty of time
Never leave it until the last minute - try to post the software before Christmas
Do not use suggested synonyms unless you’re sure what they mean
Never be tempted to exaggerate what you’ve done
Really don't talk about targeted universities, only talk about the subject <a href=>paper help</a>

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